More for the Visualization:

  • If I had more time I would devise a way for this database of co-sponsored events to be expanded past the materials contained in the archive. The simple solution which comes to mind is for their to be an open email set up for people to send in events. If the events submitted have some kind of documentation (a poster, event planning/budget sheet or a newspaper clipping) to verify that is occurred and fits the original criteria of being co-sponsored events by affinity groups of Amherst College, than it should be added to the spreadsheet and visualization.
  • I would also edit the legend in the network visualization by removing the default people and organizations.
  • I was also considering adding a presentation component(which is one of Kumu’s features) to the visualization to either give viewers an interactive guide to how to interact with the visualization or to present all events in chronological order.

Unfinished Black Men of Amherst and Black Women of Amherst Findings:

Another project I hoped to complete, but never got the chance to, was a topic model and text analysis of Black Men of Amherst by Harold Wade ‘68 and Black Women of Amherst by Mavis Campbell. Although the project is underdeveloped, I still want to share the results of running both books text through Voyant(a text analysis tool) and a topic modeling tool:

Black Men of Amherst Voyant Analysis Page
Black Women of Amherst Voyant Analysis Page









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